Cut The Rope


Console: iPhone, iPad

Company: ZeptoLab

Genre: Puzzle

Multiplayer: Yes Leaderboards


Cut the Rope was launched in October 2010 and has been downloaded 100 million times since then. Cut the rope is a basic touch game, but it is not easy. This is one of the great things about it, it will always get you thinking about the game and how to solve it. Throughout the game you will face 300 levels in 12 boxes. Every box is unique by its abilities and obstacles.


Game play


In each level, the candy hangs by one or more strings of rope, which the player must cut with their finger. A series of obstacles stand between Om nom and its candy, such as floating bubbles, spiders, spikes, and many other objects. Each level pack has new objects and items that you will have to use to get the candy to Om nom. Levels are scored with a zero to three star rating, these are important as you will need a certain amount of stars to get a level pack.


Level Packs


In the game, there is 12 boxes of 25 levels with still more to come, these are:

  • Cardboard box – the first box starting the bubbles and spikes
  • Fabric box – the second box increasing the difficulty slightly
  • Foil box – starts the star timers, (if you don’t get the star in time it disappears)
  • Magic box – starts of the magic hats that teleport you from one hat to another
  • Valentines box – puts on the sweet mood that is valentine
  • Toy box – the real one for kids that has bouncy pads
  • Gift box – has propellers to wind and unwind the candy
  • Cosmic box – ability to now switch gravity
  • Toolbox – puts in planks which can go vertical or horizontal
  • Buzz box – yippee! the bees have come to help
  • DJ box – time to party it out with new spin discs that help you move from one place to another
  • Spooky box – this time, ghost are for once helpful. They can change into different objects to help you along the way

    Cut the rope has great lasting appeal and will be enjoyed by everyone 

Overall 9.0




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